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We help construction businessesSystemise and Grow

We have a collection of tools & services we can implement within your business to help you scale without losing control.

High Quality Digital Presence

If someone is going to spend thousands of pounds with your company, it’s fair to say they might want to do a little background check first. Try googling your company name, are you proud of what you see?

If not, you’re probably losing business to this right now.

We revamp your online presence and keep it updated with fresh content. This includes both website, Google profile and social media profiles, with all photos, videos and drone footage done for you by our professional media team.

Don’t need it all? No problem. Everything we do is tailored specifically to your needs.

Gain complete control

Systemised + automated = Less stress

We implement systems within your business which can help across various areas including sales, marketing, operations, recruitment & more.

Our software is easy to use and we provide full training and support to ensure you get the best results. 

Aerial photography of the Hammond Mill site plots 1-3 Bulldogs Digital Website Design and Photography Sussex

Marketing: Our Process

We always look to deliver the best results for our clients – that’s why we follow a simple process to determine where they are currently and what the next step is.

Online Image

The first step is always to ensure our clients are well-presented online. This includes ensuring they have a modern, functional website and good social media presence, with their work showcased on both the website and social media profiles.

Project Coverage

We recommend keeping the website and social media profiles fresh with your latest projects. This helps generate organic traffic from both search engines and social media.

To make this happen as smoothly as possible, we head out to your sites on a recurring basis to capture high quality media for use online.

More Traffic

Now we can look at implementing paid advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.) to drive traffic to a specific page on your website. That page will have been built specifically to convert visitors into leads. 

We implement a tailored system so once someone  become a lead, their details will automatically get added. This allows you to manage your sales process create automated actions, and ensure no lead is forgotten.

Our Services

While we do work across all areas of digital marketing, here are some of our key offerings.

Bulldogs Digital logo

Web Design

Pay Over 12 Months

Bespoke, on-brand web design & development services.

Social Media

Includes Media Capturing

Full social media management with a twist.


Drone, Video & Photo

High quality photography and videography services.


Google & Meta Ads

Drive more traffic to your websites and landing pages to increase enquiries.

Business Systemisation

Custom Software

Systemise and automate your sales process and other areas of your business to further increase conversion rates and save time.

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