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Whether it’s bringing a new and ambitious business to life or breathing new life into an already existing one – our Branding & Design services promise to create a brand that excites, surprises and engages your future customers.

Here's How It Works

Brand Research & Moodboards

This is all about getting to know you and your brand as well as your audience.

Through a collaborative approach we take the necessary steps to clarify your vision, strategies, values & goals.

We then boil it all down to present moodboards that represent you brand.





Branding Strategy

Here we establish brand messaging, tone-of-voice, as well as as use visuals to indicate the proposed brand essence.

Based on step 1’s research we establish a strategy on how to best communicate your brand.

Brand Design

Here we establish the most effective ways to communicate your brand essence in a way that resonates with your audience.

We will create your logos, look at brand naming and create mockups so that you can see how your brand will look in ads, social media, on your websites etc.



Branding Services

Logo Design

You will receive your logo in multiple file formats and in reverse colours so that you can use it on both light and dark backgrounds.



Branding Pack

You will receive a brand palette which will include all of your logos, colours, fonts & tone of voice so that you can effectively use your branding in all future projects.



All prices exclude VAT.

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