Photography & Social Media Management for Charles Linton Construction


Charles Linton Construction, a highly-regarded local construction company, aimed to amplify their local presence and showcase their exceptional residential work. To achieve this, they required a tailored digital marketing strategy that would resonate with the local community while highlighting their superior craftsmanship. Understanding the importance of visual storytelling in today’s digital age, we focused on capturing Charles Linton Construction’s work through high-quality photography and videography. We worked closely with them on-site, capturing the precision, quality, and attention to detail that goes into each project. These images not only showcased their outstanding work but also helped to tell the story of their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In addition to photography, we took charge of managing their social media platforms. Recognising the power of social media in building relationships within the local community, we curated content that resonated with their audience. Each post was thoughtfully designed to highlight their unique selling propositions—Free Estimates, Personalised Service, and being a trusted local business. Through our comprehensive social media management services, we were able to create a strong local social presence for Charles Linton Construction. Our professionally curated content, combined with the compelling visuals from our photography, has allowed them to engage more effectively with their local community.