Web design & photography for Woodies of Sussex


When Woodies of Sussex, a family-run carpentry and construction company, sought a digital presence, they needed a website that would reflect the high calibre of their work. Specialising in both residential and commercial projects, their brand is synonymous with quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our design and development team worked closely with Woodies to create a high-end website that not only showcases their extensive portfolio but also encapsulates their unique selling propositions—Free Quotes, Personal Service, and being a Local, Family-Run business. To bring their craftsmanship to life, our media team captured high-quality photos and videos on-site, providing an immersive visual experience for visitors. The site features compelling calls to action, and a Projects section, allowing Woodies to continuously upload new projects, further showcasing their work. Just as Woodies of Sussex prides themselves on ‘Carpentry to Fit, Construction to Last,’ we delivered a website that stands as a testament to their craftsmanship and values.