Web design, photography & virtual tours for PHX GYM


PHX GYM currently have locations in Burgess Hill and Brighton, Sussex, UK. Both gyms offer the best range of equipment available, a fantastic atmosphere and friendly, welcoming staff.

Burgess Hill is home to the original PHX GYM, with weightlifting and cardio equipment spread over two floors, sun tanning facilities, juice bar, nutrition shop and more.

The Brighton gym is the more recent gym, which opened in 2020. The gym is spread over roughly 12,000 sq ft and also offers a unisex hair salon, sun tanning facilities, juice bar, nutrition shop and much more.

The Website

Together with PHX GYM, we at Bulldogs Digital wanted to create an online space which truly represents the welcoming and friendly feel of the gyms. We chose to go for a home page with a video showcasing equipment in being used in both gyms. Each gym has it’s own dedicated page where tailored to the unique offering available at that location.

Virtual Tours

Joining a gym can be daunting, so we wanted to throw in a little extra for PHX to ensure people were really able to experience the gyms, before stepping foot at either location. We chose to build a virtual tour for each gym, which gives visitors an idea of gym size, where the machines are and also help take the sting out of walking into a new gym – something a lot of people can find quite daunting.